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The picture of emotions and other ailments of a sensitive human


It is a kind of photographic glossary presenting human feelings, weaknesses and disabilities. The world of the ‘sensitive human’ is often grim, unclear, not fully defined. „Landscape are indifferent”, being the background for the series, which refers to the „Nostalgia” of Tarkowski and his blurred, cool vision of Italy.
Sleepiness, boredom and absence, loss of self-awareness and lack of identity are the typical afflictions suffered by the protagonist of this photographic series.


This series was created in 2012 - 2013. It was registered with use of traditional technique on black and white negative 6/7 cm. Works are presented in two exhibition forms - 35/35 cm and 50/50 cm. The first one is a presentation using light and is in a form of lightboxes. The second one is in a traditional form of a print of archival quality.
Photographs were exhibited in international photography festivals including the ones in Toulouse, Braga and Cracow during MFK.