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Fragmentary memories, or postcards from travel


This is a sentimental and personal journey... a story of images drawn from journeys and stored for years as holiday souvenirs Over time, the images disappear and my memory narrows down to just one photo frame, the “postcard from travel”, as the title has it.
The photographic journey begins and ends in Silesia. But the areas explored have extended further, to include trips that never took place, entering the realm of my imagination and dreams; and associating the past with the present.


Fragmentary memories, or postcards from travel is a series created in 2011 and for this I was awarded a scholarship of the Marshall of the Silesia Voivodship. The photographs were registered with the use of the traditional technique on black and white negative 6/7 cm. The series was presented as diptychs in a 58/100 cm format, on baryte paper base.
The photographs are held in private collections.