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Silesian Ulysses


Silesian Ulysses is a photographic record of roaming the streets of contemporary Upper Silesia. The way in which Ulysses was written has become the structure and inspiration to my method of photographing Silesia.
„I do not come from Silesia. I’m not connected with it with any bonds. My family lived in Podlasie. I never lived in Silesia and for a very long time I knew it only from a train’s window, from books and movies”.
M. Szejnert, Black garden, Znak, Cracow 2001


Silesian Ulysses series was created in 2009. It was registered with use of traditional technique on black and white negative 6/7 cm. The series was published as triptychs in a 50 / 96 cm format, on barite paper base. A multimedia show was made along with the photographic project, where apart from photographs of Silesia there was also the music of Mołr Drammaz's band from the TU! Album.
Photographs were exhibited inter alia in Bordeaux.
Photographs are now held in a private collection.