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In White, Blue, Red – a photographic trilogy


The project In White, Blue, Red features dozens of photographs. It consists of three parts inspired by Krzysztof Kieslowski’s film trilogy. The three colours are just a visualisation of emotions, with no reference to the slogan of the French Revolution. Still, liberty as evoked by Kieslowski is a prominent motif throughout the cycle.
The space of the apartment where the project takes place becomes a pretext to show human life. Based on day-to-day images, a psychological rather than aesthetic portrait of the subject is created. It is a testimony of its transience and an attempt to capture its feelings and described it emotionally through colour.


The first part of the project, In White, makes use of traditional black-and-white photography. The next two parts of the trilogy have colours to emphasize fairly strongly the structure and condition of the subject. The project is a personal recording of states and emotions over the years 2014-2017.
The project has been done in traditional technique using colour and black-and-white negatives, size 6/7 cm.